Workforce Development - Tina Roper


I'm Tina Roper, Director of Workforce Development. Workforce development works with the citizens in the community on job seeking to include workshops on interview, soft skills. We also work with employers in the community to see what their needs are as far as employees and we try and combine the two together.

Our goals with job seekers are to get them employed, and that happens in two phases. We have people that come in who already have skills training and so then we work with them on showing them what jobs are out there, show them how to search into our state hire system. And those that don't have job skills, we work with them on getting them into training to help them get the skills they'll need for employment. We provide resume writing workshops, we provide interview skills workshops, soft skills, how to get on the computer, how to look for jobs. There's no reason that we can't help somebody to find a job. There's no barrier that we can't help you get over in order to find employment.

If you're an employee in need of a job, or if you're an employer in need of employees, I'd invite you to go to our website,,